“This season (2010-2011) will be my 13th year with the BITS Program.

I have known a handful of these young Musicians for almost as long.

I am honored to play a part in helping them realize their Musical Dreams.

I know what Music has meant to me and the thought that I can help someone else,

in some small way, is just Wonderful !!!”

Blues in the Schools

Basically, we do a Presentation at your School to let you know we are here.

This is offered free of charge to any of our Tri-State’s Schools.

Students interested in participating in the BITS Program,

will be informed as to when and where rehearsals

for the Annual Summer Blues Fest will be held.

The rehearsals occur in the 2 months prior to the Festival.

Except for extenuating circumstances, make more than you miss,

and you will be on the stage with us

during the Saturday afternoon performance at the Fest.

For sharing your Time and Energy, we try to set you up with Lessons,

thanks to our many talented and caring Musician Friends.

For more information on what an actual Presentation is like,

click Presentation Highlights.

If you have time, be sure to check out the Photo Page and the Archives.


John Redell